The Key of Honesty


Honesty is very attractive.  It determines if you have dignity and character or whether I can trust you.  My respect is given depending on how honest you are. Honesty can never be relative as it is rooted in core values and a result of…

The Key of Friendship


By: Jessica Manuel Everyone desires to be connected, loved and appreciated; we search for impactful and meaningful relationships, feeling empty when people disappoint us. What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you can change all of that? If You Want…

Victory Series Part 4: Giving


By: Jessica Manuel  What are people saying about you? Are you leaving an impact when you turn and walk away? One element of Victory that is so often overlooked is the importance of Giving, not only of yourself, but in matters of helping the…

Victory Series, Part 3: Being Consistent


By: Jessica Manuel I fell to my knees frustrated at the end of last year. Not only was it a humbling moment but that moment changed everything for me. I think for most of us, not knowing why you’re frustrated is the most frustrating…

Victory Series, Part 2: Taking Action


“No one is in charge of your success. It takes ACTION” By: Jessica Manuel  Last week I wrote on the three foundational steps you need to take in order to build and eventually sustain victory. Those were: Focusing on climbing your own mountain, reflection…

Victory Series, Part 1: It’s Personal


 ABOUT THE SERIES:   “Throughout the next four posts, I will be sharing some tips on how to find victory, breaking chains of self-induced failure talk, doubt, indifference, indignation or frustration while embracing new ways to look at your circumstances. My hope is that…

The Key of WORK


  By: Jessica Manuel Winning Opportunities Resources Knowledge Apart from winning new obligations, work is an opportunity to gain resources and knowledge. Let’s turn time back to our youth – is that what we are taught? Many seem to rush through school assuming they…

The Key of Fearlessness


By Jessica Manuel  “Flowing water does not decay”  – Unknown. Let us look beyond those words. If you put water in a glass and leave it for a while, it becomes stale and eventually evaporates. Where as flowing water can be refreshing, comforting, nurturing…

The Chain of Fear

fear photo final

By: Jessica Manuel Fear is like a moth (yes, I said moth). Coming out of nowhere, it makes you scream while it invades your personal space. You chuckle once you realize it’s a moth, and a simple touch on it’s wing would destroy it….

The Chain of Disappointment

Jessica Manuel Chained by Disappointment

By: Jessica Manuel To watch the highlights, click here  If you’re a high achiever or desire to be, you already know that the road is not easy and that it takes perseverance to be successful because disappointment is part of the process. Fact: We…