Victory Series, Part 1: It’s Personal



“Throughout the next four posts, I will be sharing some tips on how to find victory, breaking chains of self-induced failure talk, doubt, indifference, indignation or frustration while embracing new ways to look at your circumstances. My hope is that it encourages you, provides a fresh perspective or brings you one step closer to YOUR success.”  –

 Jessica Manuel, Founder, Breaking the Chain


It’s easy to talk about victory but not as easy to experience it.

To begin finding small and large victories you must first understand that it’s personal and authentically yours not anyone else’s. Personal victories look different for everyone, as does failure and overall success; my success will not be yours, your success will not be mine. If you’re looking to “follow the steps”, the process will only be effective if you’re in the right mindset and ready to take action.

Do not compare yourself to someone else, they aren’t living your story.  

If you’re busy spending time measuring your success to others, realize that it’s a completely different mountain to climb and by aspiring circumstances that are not yours, they are still climbing while you’re standing still. In order to reach the peak of your mountain, you need to stay focused on climbing.

The air will get thinner, it’ll be harder to breathe but the higher you go the less likely you’ll fall back and the distractions will dissipate.

If you’ve experienced feeling stuck and can remember moments of frustration or discouragement, this article will make sense. If you can’t yet pinpoint the feeling, I would like to try and help you acknowledge it.

There are circumstances that are both self-imposed or unavoidable and we all experience them. The way we take accountability for these experiences can be the difference between being a victim or being successful. A victim takes little to no accountability, blaming or inhibiting others with the circumstances while someone on their way to victory will embrace vulnerability and their imperfections, take accountability and not be afraid of making mistakes.        

Upon Reflection the Victim can Feel Victorious.   

In order to find breakthrough, it is important to recognize who you are as a result of past circumstances. Spend some time reflecting on the past in a positive way. Remember that the past does not dictate your future, you do!

We can get wrapped up in allowing our past to limit our future or we can celebrate the small victories that feed the future. Mistakes indicate progress, not failure; it is an opportunity to learn and move on with more wisdom, training and strength.

Conspicuous victory is celebrating all of who you are. It’s personal. You begin to trust your abilities when you trust yourself. Like a relationship with a significant other, you need to spend time understanding them; do not neglect time to build trust, appreciation and love for yourself too.

Rumble With Your Why

Is your WHY based on a passion or a distraction?

Your reason for living or pressing forward cannot be based on external factors, it needs to be internal. Living vicariously through others, attaining money or validation does not result in true happiness or contentment.

Your survival and victory is dependant on channelling your intestinal fortitude. To overcome, your WHY must be founded on a strong and clear passion, authentic and personal to you. Without knowing why you’re climbing it’s easy to turn around or feel like the struggle is unfair… But without struggle, you cannot claim victory…. The choice is yours.

If you haven’t found your ‘why’, I recommend that you read this article.

Don’t lament on the past, you are in charge of how fast or slow the climb is and the path you choose to get up your mountain. Believe in yourself, lean on others and remember that your personal victory is up to you, no one else.

See you at the top!


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