The Key of Change


Did you know that change is a great thing? It depends on your perspective, and only you are  accountable for the way you view change. Some people consider change to be a hinderance as it breaks the status quo, but for others, change is an opportunity.

When someone chooses to view it as a hinderance, they become shackled and limit themselves from reaching their full potential. Even failure is a learning experience as it can make you wiser, more capable and motivated to overcome the next apparent hinderance.

Struggle can develop strength and change develops character

When you consider change as an opportunity, the possibilities are endless in achieving your goals and dreams. No one really understands where that “inner drive” and strength comes from but I know from personal experience that the more I stretched past my perceived limitations, I began to believe in myself.

I was capable of achieving what many deemed impossible.

It is true that our initial perspective on life can be dependant on how we grow up and who we surround ourselves with. I don’t agree that a poor upbringing is an excuse to never embrace risk and change but our surroundings can make choosing harder. For example, if someone grows up with an abusive father it would be difficult to trust people; this is understandable because they would desire safety, fearing being hurt again. This doesn’t give them the right to hurt others, but the ability to overcome the risk of being hurt, having a level of vulnerability and accepting the reality of being hurt in the first place is hard. Neglecting this difficult process seems easier, and choosing victimization over accountability may keep them in bondage.

This can feel like a heavy Chain that is hard to carry however its not impossible to Break.

We live in a society that has a politically correct agenda, so unfortunately if we don’t get the correct guidance at home, we can not depend on the school system to teach us what is right and wrong as we have multiple cultures and belief systems to which truth has now become relative. It is a contemporary issue and our children are having a harder time sifting through the quagmire of confusion.

It take Desire

True, it takes someone with a desire to be better in order to Break Free from inherited hinderance and break the status quo. I am one of those. It is not something that you can necessarily teach, but it is a form a leadership that you can model for others. If I desire to see other people find freedom in their circumstances, I need to be accountable to honouring and fixing my own.

When people ask me “was there a specific event that changed your direction?” I tell them that there are multiple events as well as multiple mentors, strangers and friends that showed me what integrity, passion and accountability can do to change my life. It starts though with a desire and the right perspective. This includes making mistakes and being frustrated with my choices and listening to people when they told me I had to change.

At a young age I knew that no one else was going to hand me a stable, healthy life. It was up to me to embrace the unknown and potentially be hurt. However as a result of the choices I made and by accepting my shortcomings, I have no regrets. There were some days where I didn’t want to; I’d rather carry the burden. At sixteen I had many reasons to complain. Today though, I understand that if I complain, Im in charge of making my circumstances better.

So what are you going to choose?

Are you going to better yourself and the people around you by changing the situations in your life that are in your control, or are you going to burden yourself, shackle yourself to excuses and blame others for what you can change. If you knew that every day, every interaction and every failure had a direct impact on your character and future happiness, would that make you think twice about the choices you make? You can’t fix something that you don’t acknowledge but you can be proud of the choices you make and henceforth be proud of yourself.

Changing the course of life is not easy for some of us but remember that when you say YES to one thing, you say NO to another; every small choice is important, not just the large ones. Embrace the opportunity to find joy and satisfaction in the change you choose. After all no one else will do it for you, only you can Break the Chain.

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