The Chain of Unforgiving


Get uncomfortable, it’s good for you.   One of the biggest mistakes someone can make is becoming bound by a life full of disappointments. If you know someone who is carrying an unforgiving heart you will notice that it is affecting their body language…

The Chain of Uncertainty


“AS SEASONS CHANGE A SMILE CAN REMAIN” – JM “10% of what happens in *life* happens to us, 90% is how we deal with it”. – unknown. Introduction video / Blog below.   My hope for you is this; that you will receive the gift of perseverance in the midst of uncertainty….

The Key of Change


Did you know that change is a great thing? It depends on your perspective, and only you are  accountable for the way you view change. Some people consider change to be a hinderance as it breaks the status quo, but for others, change is…

The Love of Spirituality


By: Jessica Manuel and Rev. Anthony Tarasca  Introduction Spirituality comes in many forms; some become traditional religions while others are meditative, new age philosophies. Each have different approaches to what is considered a God or a higher power / source of energy but most…

The Love in Relationships


By Jessica Manuel and Rev. Anthony Tarasca Introduction We are creatures of habit and no matter how much money we have, belongings or friends, there is nothing like the love from a significant other. Not all loving relationships are healthy and leave us a…

The Love For Others


By Jessica Manuel and Rev. Anthony Tarasca  Hurting People Hurt People.  Would it change the way you treat others if you knew that it reflected how you feel about yourself? The ability and willingness to express love towards others can stem from how one…

The Love For Yourself


By: Jessica Manuel and Rev. Anthony Tarasca  Introduction You cannot give what you have yet to receive and the more you invest in yourself, the more you are able to give to others.  It cannot be underestimated how the Love of Family will most…

The Love of Family


‎By: Jessica Manuel & Rev. Anthony Tarasca   Introduction: One can never underestimate the impact love of family can have on an individual, as it lays a positive foundation to how we treat ourselves and others. When a child is raised in an environment of…

The Key of Character

The Key of Character image

By: Jessica Manuel The reflection you see in the mirror depends on the integration and acceptance of all of your experiences… Good, bad or otherwise. One’s character forms the foundation stones of who they wish to be to themselves and how they interact with…

The Chain of Impatience


By: Jessica Manuel  I can admit that I’m usually the shopper fighting over the last toaster oven because I leave Christmas shopping to the last minute…. Guilty. During this time I catch myself bearing extra stress, trying to find the perfect gift in the…