The Key of Character

The Key of Character image

By: Jessica Manuel

The reflection you see in the mirror depends on the integration and acceptance of all of your experiences… Good, bad or otherwise.

One’s character forms the foundation stones of who they wish to be to themselves and how they interact with others. When we conduct ourselves with the utmost sincerity the character we exude is no different than a shining light towards the darkness of despair that others may be carrying.

Character is not something you build over night; it is formed from a series of experiences and is linked to choices and consistency. A person, in my option, who has a strong positive character is one who learns from their experiences, embraces the learning and demonstrates empathy, sympathy and integrity.

One’s true character shines when they don’t allow adverse circumstances to change the way they treat others but instead motivates them to treat people with respect.

In my teenage years I was faced with a lot of challenges. My circumstances and choices lead me down a path that would ultimately form who I was going to become – collecting chains that seemed to become my masters. Using food banks, shelters and having a lack of self-esteem and self assurance, accepting my circumstances seemed easier than striving towards the impossible.

It took a turning point that created a desire for change. Was I going to continue, or Break the Chains that limited me??!

By choosing the latter I was subjected to taking ownership, holding myself accountable and inevitably not allowing the circumstances to limit my potential. Taking charge of my road ahead was a difficult decision to make however when I did, no matter how hard it was, there was no turning back. Further, deciding what to do with these experiences dictated how empowered I’d be or how liberating this choice made me feel. In the end, the experiences, my choices and how I treated others as a result was my character; it was a reflection of who I was.

Typically when you meet someone you can tell they have been through something hard, unless they have gone through the process of self-acceptance.

We all experience challenges, some cause us temporary discomfort and anxiety while others can lead to carrying a trauma linked to an imbalance of emotions or decision making abilities. I learned that in order to become who I wanted to be while helping others to reach their full potential, I needed to understand my experiences and allow them to compliment me as a person. 

Vulnerability, honesty and transparency are among the ways my character shines. As a Motivational Speaker it is imperative that I am authentic and genuine in my delivery when sharing my story. Every time I get up on a stage to speak or interact with people, the choice remains the same: to be consistent. Who I am becoming may change but my character still remains.

If we can accept all of who we are, imperfectly perfect, our interactions are effortless, the possibilities are endless and the opportunities are boundless.

We are the creator of our character and henceforth the path we choose is in our hands. No one else is responsible for our choices and the consequences of them. Adversity and opposition are character builders only if we allow them to be. The result can be the difference between walking with self-assurance, shining light and loving others, or emulating distress by not accepting who you are which will only lead to bitterness.

Watch others and pay attention to the character they have that you see as positive. By paying attention you will naturally define, dictate and design the person you want to be and others to see.