Breaking 20 Chains 

I want 19 more individuals (primarily youth) that want mentorship or help to transition out of unhealthy habits, toxic relationships, poverty, homelessness or any burden that is keeping them in bondage. Like Nura, who started the journey in early 2017, they will receive coaching, hands-on experience and encouragement in order to achieve great success.

The result of this is not to stop with the individual(s). I will be interviewing them, helping everyone to find POWER in their personal stories and preparing them to share it effectively with others. Through the coaching, they will be equipped to help others, understand great habits, attract positive influences and learn how to nurture healthy relationships.

I want this to be a group of accountability and support. Coaching will be available every 90 days as an open forum. Regularly scheduled events/ adventures that can help them with job searching, resume writing, learning how to pump gas to purchasing a car (all is dependant on them making a CHOICE to learn). See Nura’s story for an example.

If you know someone who has experience in supporting youth in Toronto, ON, Canada, please forward this to them. If you know a youth in need, I would be willing to meet them. I will be choosing 20 / year and it will be a first-come-first-serve selection process.

Email me with ’19 more’ in the subject line to keytobreaking@gmail.com. Every youth proposed will receive a BREAKING THE CHAIN bracelet and a note for applying along with credentials in order to reach me personally, even if they are not selected for the program.

Sponsorship opportunities are available by emailing your interest in getting involved, subject line “19 More, Sponsor”.

We Can Build a Stronger Community, Together. 

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