“Jessica Manuel spoke at the Opening Ceremony of the Saturday Program for an audience of over 350 people. She was charismatic and relatable to high school and university students. She utilized her own life experiences to deliver a powerful message to students in an engaging way. We thoroughly enjoyed her presentation and would love to have her back as a speaker at future events.” 

 University of Toronto, Saturday Program,  2015-2016

“Jessica Manuel possesses the heart and compassion which is a necessity as a motivational speaker. Her life is a road map of personal experiences that has imbued her with the ability to look into the soul of others with the caring of one who truly knows what it means to have struggled. I speak not as a person who witnessed her strengths and abilities from afar, but rather as one who felt just how strong she is when I had reached the depths of despair only to be raised up by her sincere concern for my well being. Jessica’s kind, motivational words helped me to see and understand that regardless of how desperate my situation may seem, that I am in full control of my destiny. Thank you Jessica.

 Anthony was Jessica’s client

“Jessica joined United Way as a Loaned Representative. Jessica shared her personal story to over 450 people at the United Way Kick-off Breakfast. Her ability to convey her personal story, while maintaining a balance of professionalism, has allowed her to share her story to hundreds of people in the community. Jessica has shared her story to employees in both the public and private sector and has given individuals a snapshot of her journey in life. I would recommend Jessica to speak to anyone who is looking to become inspired and motivated.”

— Mackenzie Kish, worked directly with Jessica at United Way

“I am pleased to offer the following recommendation for Jessica Manuel.

In my capacity as a journalist, I wrote three stories about Jessica. Over the course of several interviews and subsequent conversations, I found Jessica to be intelligent, honest and very open when talking about her own remarkable journey. Telling a story like her is not easy, particularly when she knows a newspaper readership will digest every word. Yet, Jessica was unflinchingly honest in telling her story as part of her effort to help and inspire others. I have been a journalist for 15 years, covering everything from prime ministers to the homeless and I can say without hesitation that Jessica possesses a rare combination of empathy and ambition. Her experience has provided her with a powerful skill set as a communicator.

Jessica can deliver her message before a large audience with the same clarity as she does in a one-on-one conversation. She is as comfortable speaking with business people in a board room as she is with homeless teens in a shelter. I have been impressed by Jessica, both professionally and personally. I know her to be insightful, charming as well as a dedicated and hard worker who I know will rise in whatever situation or station she finds herself. In short, Jessica would be an asset to any team. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss my view on Jessica’s many talents.”

— Grant Lafleche, reporter, The St. Catharines Standard

“Jessica is a dedicated, enthusiastic, passionate and talented speaker and human being. As a speaker I found Jessica’s delivery to be both articulate and effective. What I liked most about Jessica was her ability to speak from the heart which made her relatable to everyone in the room. She made it look effortless. Her professionalism and planning showed as she spoke to her audience. Not only do I highly recommend Jessica for your speaking engagements, I would consider it to be a pleasure and an honour to work with Jessica anytime.”

— Lisa Shaver, Advisor, Sun Life Financial, Attendee

“Jessica Manuel is currently on loan to the United Way from the Meridian Credit Union. We invited Jessica to our United Way launch event as the keynote speaker. Jessica delivered a very moving and personal story of how she was able to rebuild her life, from poverty to possibility, through programs supported by the United Way. She is a powerful and inspirational public speaker. She is also a confident and intelligent professional with a strong work ethic and a keen interest in lifelong learning.”

— Mike Goodale, Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services Division, Ontario Ministry of Transportation.

“As a loaned representative for United Way, Jessica was an extremely passionate and motivated speaker! Jessica is able to inspire others with her story of how she relied on the help of her community and local programs supported by United Way to become the positive person she is today. We were very fortunate to have her as part of our 2012 Campaign team and if you haven’t heard Jessica share her story, I strongly recommend you do!”

— Eric Lamothe, Campaign Manager, United Way

“Jessica is a bright light! The energy and enthusiasm she brings to all projects iS contagious. Jessica is entirely genuine in her efforts to better the community, and continues to put forth her own experiences to assist others in their efforts to realize their own potential. Jessica is an inspiration to many, and a friend to all. I would recommend Jessica for mentoring and coaching opportunities as she has the distinct ability to connect with young people and provide very candid advice and direction. Keep being the fantastic role model you were born to be Jessica!”

Sarah Mann, Youth Counsellor/ Case Manager, David S. Horne O/D Home

“Jessica is a terrific speaker and I have been privileged to hear her address on 2 occasions. She has an ability to relate a story and give a message of inspiration.”

— Robert Welch, Owner, Lancaster, Brooks and Welch