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During a speech in January 2017, I met Nura. She was motivated, engaged and willing to work hard. I received an email from her requesting additional mentorship and shortly after, invited Nurah to my home. The first question she asked upon arrival was “how long can I stay?.” I told her that I had some errands to do but she was welcome to join me for the rest of the evening. She agreed.

My social life, work schedule, and philanthropic endeavors take up most of my time however I decided that having Nura along for the ride would be of no burden to me. I made a choice to include her in all types of experiences and simultaneously helping her to grow, learn and flourish.

It’s over six months since the process began and Nura continues to make the effort by showing up. She is extremely courageous, humble, disciplined and nice to be around. These are traits that cannot be taught. Her perspective, empathy, desire, and demeanor are all characteristics of someone willing to Break the Chain and excel. 

Nura comes from the Arabic words; Al-Nur, which means the Light and as such I want her light to shine and encourage others who are in darkness. With the right tools, she has the potential. 

Congratulations Nura for being the first of 20 chosen for ongoing mentorship.

“key highlights” in 2017-2018 while being part of BTC:

  • 1 live 3-hour coaching session with two other professional coaches
  • Participated and learned the process of purchasing a car
  • A trip to Niagara
  • Multiple discussion sessions on the topic of leadership & vulnerability
  • Tasked to read 2 books on the above topics. Rising Strong completed.
  • Resume and cover letter session
  • Job searching and landing multiple interviews
  • Given 250.00 towards new blazer and interview clothing
  • Learning coping strategies and healthy eating
  • Inclusion in a “Connect group” for 5 months
  • Ice cream, sushi, and Starbucks treats for initiative and new experiences
  • Grocery shopping and cooking lessons
  • Learned household renovations
  • Participated in organizing and co-hosting multiple events
  • Found her first apartment
  • Ongoing coaching available after landing full-time employment

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