Key: Drive

key- drive

Watch the highlights of key to drive here By: Jessica Manuel “If our inner drive had a voice, it would tell you that DRIVE is persistence personified and YOU totally own it. That DRIVE is the spirit and raw determination that screams “you got this,”…

Key: Opportunity

key- opportunity

Watch the highlights to Key of Opportunity here.  By: Jessica Manuel “You are your worst enemy, Jessica!” Many people say this when they arrive to the conclusion that I’m hard on myself, I work long hours or I seem dissatisfied with my performance. Truth…

Chain: Pride


  Watch the highlights to the Chain of Pride here. By: Jessica Manuel Stay humble and hustle hard. I would argue that our society would be different if this was taught throughout the school system. People would care less about themselves, work harder to…

Key: Listening


Watch the highlights to the Key of Listening here By: Jessica Manuel It is easy to know when someone is not listening to you. Their answers can seem pre-meditated or their comments have no relevance to what you’re saying. This can leave you feeling…

Chain: Greed


Watch the highlights to the Chain of Greed here. By: Jessica Manuel “An intense and selfish desire for something, especially wealth, power or food.” This is the definition of greed. I want to see greed eradicated from our lives. There is no need for it….

Chain: Doubt


  Watch the highlights- Breaking the Chain of Doubt  By: Jessica Manuel There is one person who limits your success more than anyone else— you. We all have doubts because we all have expectations. Some have higher expectations than others and they are typically…

Chain: Depression


Watch the highlights to Chain: Depression here By: Jessica Manuel Can one truly define what depression is? Is it an unbearable weight? Is there a way “depression” comes upon us and a way to get rid of it? I’ve heard people say “it feels…

Key: Determination


Watch the highlights to Key: Determination here. By: Jessica Manuel  “There is no such thing as a hard life, there is just life. We must accept all as being part of a purpose for our respective lives, and subsequent growth of character. Feeling sorry…

Key: Inner Beauty


Watch the highlights to Key:Inner Beauty here. By Jessica Manuel “Inner beauty is an art, it is a feeling. A beautiful heart and soul are our most treasured assets as it transcends the vein, shallow view of external beauty that will only decay with…

Key: Constructive Communication


BREAKING THE CHAIN By: Jessica Manuel News Flash: A smile can make you approachable but dishonesty is easily transparent. Your words can be used to confuse, harm and manipulate others, or can be used to encourage and love others. This is your choice, and…