Chain: Pride



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By: Jessica Manuel

Stay humble and hustle hard.

I would argue that our society would be different if this was taught throughout the school system. People would care less about themselves, work harder to help others and whether they were successful or not, it wouldn’t matter; so people would look for success that MATTERS!!

“Pride is the utter poverty of the spirit disguised as riches” says my friend Tony, and I couldn’t say it better myself. We can fall into phases of pridefulness, filling our lives with things that don’t nourish our spirits. Pride, without fail, puts a wall in front of people and your progression. It can be the difference between you carrying light or darkness into a room.

Which would you rather emulate? What do you want people to see when they look at you?

It is a decision that everyone has to make; not once but everyday. Emulate humility, habitually. Understand that every interaction you have is an opportunity to teach or encourage someone. Every minute of every day, you have an opportunity to do small acts of sacrifice. Further still, if we point out and encourage others when they act out of humility, they will continue to do it.

Be an example people want to follow because it is the right thing to do; even when humility feels humiliating. 

If you decide to shackle yourself with pride, know that it’s linked to consequences. You must automatically accept those consequences because it is your responsibility to deal with the result of your actions.

My hope, is that through the next two paragraphs I can help others, encouraging them to practice humility and leading them to the beauty that comes with humility. If I am successful, we can all start breaking chains off others. Or better yet, allow Someone who is able to do it for us.

What keeps me humble? Simple. My relationship with Jesus Christ.

Before I met Jesus, I barely saw past my own reflection. I didn’t know how this affected others, but I didn’t have time to care anyway. I had lots going on in my teenage years… after all, if I got what I wanted wouldn’t everyone else be happy?


Truth is, I thought serving myself was making me happy but it was actually making me ignorant. It seemed easier to ignore the issues; after all, why face the problems? It would be flat. Out. Painful.

Reality is, if I chose to continue the “route” of prideful ignorance I would stay complacent; drifting along, flat and useless. Travelling that route becomes very lovely and painful, trust me. 


A switch in perspective came from studying and walking with my Saviour. I started understanding that I’d much rather be humble, allowing me to be approachable, giving, and honest. There is no greater reward that takes precedence over knowing Him and working to produce fruit that comes from having an eternal perspective.

This allowed me to give others an opportunity to shine instead of stealing the spotlight. I became driven by the delight of seeing others flourish instead of me. This is true leadership. Walking in a way that people are thirsty from the idea of your success; a success that only comes from the gift of His sufficient Grace. Best of all, it’s a success that I don’t want (and can’t afford) to be selfish with.

It’s a stage of success that makes me hustle harder in order to give more, and I’m honoured to do it.

Pride is like poverty to our spirit and our society. If we swallow our pride, say “I’m sorry” or “I need help”more often, we would shine differently.

Make the choice to stay humble and hustle hard. Be the salt of the earth, making people thirsty to shine the light of humility.

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“A person’s pride will bring them low, but the humble in spirit will retain honour.” Proverbs 29:23