Key: Inner Beauty


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By Jessica Manuel

“Inner beauty is an art, it is a feeling. A beautiful heart and soul are our most treasured assets as it transcends the vein, shallow view of external beauty that will only decay with time. Without inner beauty, external beauty does not exist as our flesh cannot contain what is in our soul. But true inner beauty radiates, and regardless of one’s appearance, beauty is all that the eye will see. When you are touched by beauty, then everything everywhere is naturally true, good and beautiful.” Tiger Pai Hu Seng

In a world consumed with outer appearances and societal pressures, it seems that we have lost touch with our true beauty, the very essence of who we are. Society paints a picture that says ‘you’re not good enough’ and unfortunately we believe it. This is most prevalent through watching celebrities, they form new standards which create unrealistic expectations for the rest of us. It’s almost like we’re supposed to be a copy of perfection— the right body, the right hair— combine this with all the social obligations we have, we feel like we’re ‘failing’ by being ourselves.

We are responsible for allowing these unrealistic expectations to form the way we look or behave at the expense of how others might perceive us or talk about us. How exhausting! In the end, these expectations set unrealistic standards and pure disappointment leading to an empty vulnerable feeling that could of been avoided. We aim high and experience pain in failure.

What most of us forget to realize is this: the picture you have in your head, is not something that you painted, and if we allow to live freely in who we authentically are, the picture is much prettier  when you’re not copying someone else’s ‘piece of art’.

A friend told me once (the same writer I quoted above): “The unfortunate reality in our society is that Glitz and Glamour now takes precedence over Integrity and Character, and sadly it is having a negative impact upon the vulnerable and impressionable”.

Truth is, we pressure ourselves enough and don’t need people around us to cast judgment, negatively or feelings of inadequacy too!! So do your part and don’t do it to someone else.

Inner Beauty is True Beauty, found only in you. No one else is like you, you’re authentically and divinely designed. We must all learn to cultivate that beauty we carry deep inside of us; see, feel and LIVE it daily— a Beautiful Heart and Soul that is only yours. Your job is to filter through the noise and the garbage that our society is flooded with, giving the world what it deserves- the flawless, perfect “as is” you.

Be the artist of your picture and OWN IT TOO.

We all fall into the trap of societal influences, but you need to acknowledge the impact it has. They are like chains that wrap around us, shackling us to standards. Great news is that you hold the key to these chains, so why be weighed down? 

Carry the weightless gift of  self-worth and inner beauty. Further, OWN THE OPPORTUNITY to make someone feel great about who they are. Point out something that will take a heavy link away from the weight of the chain that someone else created.

The beautiful part of  “Breaking Chains” off others, is that in unity we can rid of false perceptions around the world, helping others to flourish and radiate the way they were created to be.

Dear Reader, regardless of who you are or who you perceive yourself to be; You Are Beautiful! Never forget that.

Jessica Manuel

“You are altogether beautiful, my love; there is no flaw in you.” Song Of Solomon 4:7