Key: Determination


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By: Jessica Manuel 

“There is no such thing as a hard life, there is just life. We must accept all as being part of a purpose for our respective lives, and subsequent growth of character. Feeling sorry for one’s self at the injustice of certain circumstances will only cause an unbearable weight on the mind along with a stalled life that can move neither forward or backward.” Master Sifu, Tiger Pai Hu Seng

This is so true, and there is no excuses for limiting the rest of your life based on your past. There are many people that are dependant on YOU living your life to its fullest potential. We all have a story, and we all have the choice to share our story. The goal to ‘life’ should be to protect others from walking a hard path you’ve walked yourself.

Think about this; Is it better to have a one person with the strength and ability to climb a mountain or 1000 + people risking their lives to find a way through the struggles?

Don’t focus on everyone climbing their mountain when you have your own to climb. Encourage them yes, but the best thing you can do is keep your eyes ahead and orchestrating a smooth path of excellence for others to follow. When you reach the peak of your mountain, you not only have a broader view of the path travelled, but you are equipped to guide others up the mountain without enduring frustration, pain or failure.

So apply this same scenario to your life experiences. When you overcome a hard path, filled with pot holes, sticks and stones, (we all have them so get over it!) why not show others how to overcome the same path without having to walk through the failures or pain you endured?

When this happens, you can be called a leader, and your words will carry credibility because you’ve walked it, arrived and are willing to share it with others.

Now, understand that some people will choose to walk off the path, BY CHOICE. You can shine a light, trying to illuminate and point out what their doing wrong to get them back on track, but your focus should not be on the ones that want to make things hard for themselves, your focus needs to be on the ones that want and listen to your direction.

And finally, there are people at the bottom that are chained with physical, emotional or self-imposed limitations. And the “KEY TO BREAKING THIS CHAIN” is determination. Through determination, nothing is impossible and we are typically the ones that limit ourselves the most. When facing the hardships and tribulations that life may bring, or looking at the road ahead in discouragement, we doubt our own abilities and never try in the first place. What’s the fun in that?!

One must embrace the road ahead, and focus on the path in detail (or throw away your pride to ask the one who’s walked it before you). The higher you climb, the stronger you become and eventually you’ll become fearful of falling back. Then, we are not not only able to walk it again, but we will allow others to embrace that same experience with patience, and celebrate the top of the mountain together.

So remember this: the higher your mountain, the more people will look up to you. Your shining character will emulate something they want for themselves, they’ll trust you and come to succeed without bitterness or resentment, having their integrity and dignity intact.

Your job today is not to distract yourself with the stones, swear at the pot holes or tell people that the road you’re travelling is impossible…Your job is to make the choice to start climbing………

Jessica Manuel

“Watch Your Thoughts; They Become Words. Watch Your Words; They Become Actions. Watch Your Actions; They Become Habits. Watch Your Habits; They Become Character. Watch Your Character; It Becomes Your Destiny.” Lao Tzu