Key: Drive

key- drive

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By: Jessica Manuel

“If our inner drive had a voice, it would tell you that DRIVE is persistence personified and YOU totally own it. That DRIVE is the spirit and raw determination that screams “you got this,” shrieking louder than your voice of doubt. That DRIVE is limitless. And that the ONLY limit it has, is the one YOU give it”

That is a powerful statement written by my role-model and best friend, my mom.

Recently I wrote on the topic of determination being the foundation to creating a life you were proud of and a life worth sharing. This week my topic is drive and I thought “hm – isn’t that the same as determination?


I thought of ways I would think of the two and how they compare or compliment each other. Truth is, one cannot exist without the other.

What is the difference?

Drive is like wisdom, and determination is the strength or tenacity to get you through it. Drive would say “YOU CAN DO THIS” when determination would say “YES I CAN”. If you are not equipped with the knowledge to achieve something, it is natural to doubt your ability. If you doubt your abilities, you will not be driven to accomplish the task.

How can you practice the perfect balance of the “double D”?

First, you must understand that the only limits you have is the ones you give yourself, or you allow others to give you. Take time to evaluate the voice of doubt that limits you. Is it something you can’t control? Is it something you are choosing to limit you?

If we are honest, everyone allows someone to plant seeds of doubt in us. This can happen throughout our childhood, by our own parents or peers in school. Most of the time though, we are our hardest labourer, planting seeds of doubt, continuously.

The only way to eliminate or mitigate the chain of doubts is by surprising yourself. Go out and try, fail, succeed – push yourself past your breaking point so that you find out that you’re actually unbreakable. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations instead of allowing the fear to keep you stagnant.

The first time it will feel uncomfortable, but the next time will be easier. Even if you fail, if you are driven towards pursuing excellence, you’ll get more enjoyment from taking the time to learn and trying again. Determination comes with confidence, and confidence doesn’t come from not trying or not taking your opportunity.

Another step I find people don’t practice is evaluating what is determining your drive. What drives you? Why?

This is a key to breaking the chains of your “triple D’s” – doubt, disappointment and depression. If you take time to understand who you are, why you are that way and what you can change about it, only then can make choices to change. Don’t discourage yourself, take time to fix something you may not yet acknowledge. Ask questions, look for ways to improve and always strive towards more.

You are never too old to start new habits, you are never too young to succeed – impossible is just something that hasn’t been done YET. So go out and try, then try again.

We live in a society that doesn’t make this process easy. People are afraid to fail while others are afraid of success. The disappointment is discouraging, and so is the commitment. It happens, all the time… We limit ourselves.

Don’t follow the norm – don’t plant seeds of doubt when you can create your own sunshine. You totally own the key to your destiny and are in control of what is allowed to determine what drives you. It is your time to apply yourself  – what are you waiting for?

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