The Key of Friendship


By: Jessica Manuel

Everyone desires to be connected, loved and appreciated; we search for impactful and meaningful relationships, feeling empty when people disappoint us. What if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you can change all of that?

If You Want To Impact People Around The World, Make Sure YOUR WORLD Is Impacting You. 

There was a time in my life where I was ‘popular’ without considering the compromises. Over time I grew too fast, experienced too much and my circle of influence became a Chain I needed to Break; people were holding me back from reaching my true potential.

I was responsible for the outcome of my circumstances, and the depth of my relationships were dependant on my choices. That is the same for you. Truth is, your friendships are a reflection of who you are.

Believe In Who You Are. 

Start with yourself. Are you healthy, happy, secure and have a ‘vest’ for life? If you’re not satisfied with where you are at, you won’t be satisfied with who you’re attracting. Even when you’re meeting people that appear to have traits that you desire, the relationship is not sustainable if you live vicariously through them; thier actions must influence you. Having good people in your life is great but if you don’t learn how to grow as a result, you’ll never have true appreciation of that friendship.

The People Who Take A GENUINE Interest In Who You Are Will Also INVEST In Who You Will BECOME.

Spend time doing what you love, understand what it takes to feel loved and then give ALL of yourself to others. If you are ‘doing you’ properly, your relationships will remain fruitful. If you’re still growing, changing habits or desires, the relationships will change too. A simple science that shouldn’t leave you discouraged or confused; it is the natural flow. Do not resist it.

If You’re Not Satisfied, Change Your Circle Of Influence. 

You are worthy of great friendships. You are unique and deserve to have FULFILLING relationships. Don’t sell yourself short, time is too precious to waste on wrapping yourself up in Chains that hinder you. Mentors and like-minded individuals are essential to your growth, and your future depends on the choices you make.

Choose wisely.

Today I am grateful for the people in my life and I try to express my appreciation for them often. My life changed drastically once I acknowledged that I was in control of the impact I left on people, and at the same time, I took control of who could impact me. Life naturally changed as a result; acts of selfishness, feelings of loneliness, dissatisfaction and negativity were flushed away by LOVE.

You Cannot Give What You Have

Yet To Receive

From a very young age I had to provide for my needs which made it difficult for me to receive from others. When I learned how it felt to be able to give, I realized that I was robbing others of that feeling by not accepting their generosity. Learning to receive is just as important as giving because it builds a deeper connection with people; a “thank you” can make someone feel valued – why take that away if you don’t have to?

Remember that you hold the key to your destiny and your future is a result of choices you make, people you choose to love and places you choose to be.

Choose wisely, my friends.

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