Victory Series Part 4: Giving


Jess GW

By: Jessica Manuel 

What are people saying about you? Are you leaving an impact when you turn and walk away?

One element of Victory that is so often overlooked is the importance of Giving, not only of yourself, but in matters of helping the less-fortunate regain their dignity. Whether it is the Giving of your time, of your treasures, skills or experiences, Giving is imperative if one wishes to obtain true Victory.

Let’s face it, each and everyone one of us, at one point in our life, has needed the help of others. We have to come to understand that there is no shame in reaching out and asking for help, but in order to eradicate shame, there must be people willing to give as well as receive.

Make A Lasting Impression

It is a scientific fact that our brains release oxytocin which is proven to elevate one’s immune system, not only for the one that is Giving or receiving, but it also affects the ones who witness the act of Giving. Think about the impact you want to have on people, even if you never see them again, when you turn and walk away, what will they say about you?

When we get to a point of attaining personal Victory, there is only one way to sustain it for a lifetime, and that is by showing others how to obtain the same personal Victory.  For example, the only way I was able to positively program my manners or the goodness I wanted to protray was by watching and replicating the sincere goodness of others. If those people didn’t do simple acts such as opening the door for someone, I may have never learned how to be selfless.

With Acquired Knowledge Comes Change by Choice Because You’ll Never Achieve Victory if You Live a Life of Ignorance.

It didn’t take much for someone to surprise me with kindness, but the feeling they gave me didn’t have to stop there. I was in control of what to do next, and my choice was to recognize that feeling and allow others to experience it too. It wasn’t about getting recognition or even a thank you — It was about doing what was right. 

If You Do Whats Right You Will Attract What is Rightly Yours.

When we exuberant kindness we leave an impact, build relationships and create opportunities. We start attracting and sustaining friendships that are based on integrity and goodness and the people you surround yourself with are individuals who not only appreciate you but their actions serve to compliment your behaviour.

Giving to others intimately and sincerely switches your focus and encourages trust, gratitude and inevitably brings people to wholeness. There is nothing that feels more victorious than Breaking Chains off others, leaving them feeling loved while you expect to get nothing in return.

This four part series is focused on ways to find Victory, but success is not really success until you give others an equal opportunity. You never know how far your impact will reach as many will witness and henceforth it will lead to a positive chain reaction that can extend beyond your own circle.

Someone once told me: “You only give to others because it makes you feel good… And that makes you selfish”… (hilarious, I know)… In my opinion there is nothing better than loving others. I know how it feels to have minimal and what it takes to work hard. As a result, I want to help other people attain what I struggled to eventually find… Because everyone deserves to have it.

Freedom and Victory is attainable for all who want it… You just have to reach for it. If you receive it, appreciate it. If you have it, give it away.

See you at the top!