Victory Series, Part 3: Being Consistent


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By: Jessica Manuel

I fell to my knees frustrated at the end of last year. Not only was it a humbling moment but that moment changed everything for me. I think for most of us, not knowing why you’re frustrated is the most frustrating part of the process and can be the catalyst of a dilemma.

If You Rumble In The Dark, You’ll Eventually Find The Light

Thankfully I’m generally a very positive person and after spending time looking back at the moments which led me to this, I noticed that the process was leading to a turning point — it encouraged a shift, a powerful one. If you’re frustrated enough, all areas of ‘life’ will be under investigation; your choice of friends, effectiveness in a personal and professional balance, health, sleeping patterns — everything.

Change never happens until you’re ready to BREAK THE CHAIN! Something needed to change….

Before Things Go Right, They Go Wrong

The best accomplishments in life are a result of finding solutions to the route of chaos. When there is no choice but to practice a new level of focus, determination and self-control you go into survival mode. At my age I’ve learned things that unfortunately some people spend their whole lives searching for. There is something so compelling about a mess becoming a message and trail becoming a triumph. I can share what I’ve learned so others don’t endure the same frustration or pain because I’ve lived it, been accountable to change and found results — that is victory in itself.

As a result, for the first time I started sharing this, providing tips and tricks on finding victory and breakthrough during this series. I am by no means a “talented writer” and the information is not based on all the phycology and counselling books I’ve read; it’s a result of falling flat on my face, getting back up, learning and executing. I believe that all the pain and suffering can provide a short cut to mountains we all face. (You can read a bit more about my story here)


Finding Consistency

Recap: Week 1 was about making this process personal to you; by applying certain tasks you would start finding victory. Week 2 was on how to take action, following your dreams and making an effort to embrace vulnerability or creativity to attract and bring people in your life who can help.

This week is going to be focused on consistently keeping victory.

That moment on my knees which lead to investigating other areas in my life is not the first or the last time it will happen. Since I’ve endured that feeling of dissatisfaction and hopelessness, the main thing I’ve learned is the importance of consistency.

In order to sustain a victorious climb the opposition is necessary in order to provide efficient strategies. I can’t tell you what steps you need to take next because I’m not living your story, but I do know that deep within the frustration is wisdom.

The feeling of frustration COULD OF encouraged doubt, negativity or weight if I gave my circumstances permission to. Recognizing that frustration was a FEELING, I was able to focus on WHY the feeling existed. Since step two is an uncomfortable one, most people don’t start the acknowledgement process at all, but avoiding it only leads to heavier Chains to Break.

Breaking Free And Never Turning Back

If you’re ready to break free and are committed to being honest with what needs to change, then find support, talk to people and start making the journey incrementally better. If that person is a coach or a friend who is truly investing in your well-being, they could ask you things like: “ What are some moments where you felt confident? What are some things that you did to encourage positive growth? Have you stopped doing the things that once made you successful?”

You can as easily take these questions and apply it. This is exactly what started my route to consistency.

It is important to understand what encourages positive momentum for you. Reflect on the times where you were in the ‘flow’. For me this requires balance in my work and personal growth, committing to serving others, reading, spending time with family, exercising, journalling and getting adequate sleep — consistently. If I allow ANY of those areas to not be priority my full potential suffers as a result.

The journey will take persistence; we all want breakthrough but some limit themselves because of the FEELING of fear and struggle. Resilience is undervalued but if we do not persist, we do not overcome. Be defined by your dreams and not your circumstances, a dream or vision is not reality until you make it so.

Build your resilience and do the things that will bring you there. If it feels like you’re locked away in prison, you have two choices about what to do with the time: Prepare or perish. Mediocrity is overrated but hard work is not, apply hard work and you’ll stand out.

An environment will reflect resilience and if you need to take a break, do so. Give yourself more strength for climbing because the top of a mountain will always be there but if you’re not healthy or happy it may not be reachable.

If I can help you find how consistency pertains to you, email me and we can set up a time to chat:

See you at the top!

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