The Key of Honesty


Honesty is very attractive

It determines if you have dignity and character or whether I can trust you.  My respect is given depending on how honest you are. Honesty can never be relative as it is rooted in core values and a result of personal integrity.

If you want to make an impact, be brutally honest about who you are and what you’re passionate about. Again, attractive. Just like that, you separate the successful from unsuccessful because one either chooses to be honest or they choose to be dishonest.

Great Relationships Are Possible If You Invest In Yourself.

Our choices are a reflection of who we are; no one is exempted from this. Our thought patterns create our circle of influence, what we choose to focus on and how we perceive or sustain relationships with family, friends and co-workers is directly impacted by how honest we are with ourselves.

“We must always remember that honesty and integrity go hand in hand, as each feeds the other. An honest person conducts themselves with integrity, and of course to be ruled by integrity is to conduct yourself with honesty.”  My friend, Anthony Tarasca

Like it or not, honesty is the driving force behind success in all aspects of life, whether personal or professional. This Key unlocks Chains of bad relationships, negative thoughts and false perceptions of others.

We Can Not Run From Who We Are or The Experiences That Shape Who We Will Become.

Self-induced failure talk is also common among people who are dishonest with themselves because knowing WHY we are struggling is hard. In other words, we blame our circumstances or personal attributes because it is easier than being honest about what is truly wrong — I call this avoidance. Avoidance or busyness leads to harder Chains to break (see a few topics I previously wrote on : DoubtDepression and Despair )

Adversity Helps us Understand… If We Allow it. 

Honesty was not attainable for me until I was comfortable with who I was, what I went through and what I was worth moving forward. I wouldn’t allow myself to be hurt again if I could avoid it; I could invest my energy in things that wouldn’t bring me pain or temporary pleasure because after all, it is MY choice. I accept the things that I can change and because I am not perfect, wisdom is acquired from both my mistakes AND successes.

Adversity is by far the ‘steroid’ that helped me grow up the fastest. 

Some challenges can leave people with a hard choice to make: Am I going to accept the feeling of defeat rather than embrace the opportunity to try again? If someone choses to take control of their circumstances, honesty IS KEY to accepting, growing and avoiding a similar struggle again. There is no better choice to make — ALWAYS CHOOSE TO TRY AGAIN.

You Hold The Key To Remove Chains, Use It.

Honesty does not come easy without trials and tribulations, as one who speaks truth could very well end up being vilified. One who speaks honestly is more likely to be segregated because they are less likely to conform to the opinions of others. Henceforth, true honesty is solidified through those same trials and tribulations.

No More Compromise; I’m Worth More!

There were times in my life where I would compromise my values to get acceptance from others, and because I was dishonest with myself, I was the one left feeling empty. As I began to accept my values for what they were worth, I was no longer interested in wasting my time or not expressing how I truly felt. I would rather be honest and risk hurting someone else’s feelings than to be dishonest and hurt my own.

If I Am Honest, I RISK Hurting Someone’s Feelings. If I’m Dishonest, I Am GUARANTEED To Hurt Someone’s Feelings.

People always refer to motivational speaking or when I share my story vulnerably that there is power and ‘weight’ behind it (their words, not mine). People take me seriously because I prefer to conduct myself with genuine honesty and consistency which makes a person real and open to gain the respect of others. I want to reiterate though — I’m not perfect; and I’ve been dishonest — but at least I’m honest about being dishonest!! There is a difference, and being self-aware and confident in our imperfectness is what gains respect… Even if it doesn’t, you respect yourself. 

If people trust, respect and listen to you that is an opportunity to demonstrate impactful leadership. If you can be genuinely honest there is no need to appease people. Some people can live their whole lives wanting to be someone they are not, or running from the person they are. Do not be one of them – be honest with yourself and proud of YOU.

After all, you’re one of a kind.