The Chain of Busyness

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By: Jessica Manuel 

Busyness: Lively but meaningless action – a perfect definition. Whether we accept this or not, being busy has an effect on who we become and how content we are. As a result of choosing urgency over order, we may not ever be satisfied.

I know my regular response to the question, “how are you?” is, “things are busy”. Most of the time it fits the definition perfectly – my life can be ‘full’ but at the end of the day, meaningless.

If you don’t know me yet, I am 28 years old working as a Sales Manager across Eastern Canada for Mannington Commercial. I own my own business called BREAKING THE CHAIN, post weekly blogs and YouTube videos, I’m in the process of writing a book and I’m a Motivational Speaker. Lots going on.

On top of that I am passionate about my faith, a new relationship, and a family whom deserves my time and attention once a week or when I’m available. Then, I carve out time for eating, sleeping and resting.

This is the order I choose to do ‘life’ sometimes.

The purpose of my ‘CHAIN’ topics is to encourage you to evaluate your life, breaking chains that are personally holding you back. The chain of busyness is a common one, if not relatable to everyone (Share it!!).

In the next few paragraphs, I want to explain: What does this chain do to people? Why is it important to break it? And, what are the keys to breaking it?

Many people allow themselves to get busy for many reasons. These can include (but not limited to): Avoiding issues, ‘productivity’ is associated with ‘worthiness’, or busyness can feel like progression which determines how successful people feel.

Why is it important to break it? Busyness is a temporary solution. If you’re avoiding the reality of your problems, you will eventually find the problems still there. You risk prioritizing the wrong things – becoming sick, burnt-out, dissatisfied or disappointed.

balanced FinalIf I’m honest, this blog is challenging for me. I’m an “all-in” kind of person and passionate about the projects I get involved in. I allow them to consume my time, energy etc. at the expense of not spending time with my family, getting minimal sleep or compromising my health in order to get everything done.

This leads to chains like procrastination, obsession, doubt, depression… The list goes on. I start forgetting about the most important things. In my video on busyness, which I will post soon, I give you a visual of what it looks like to make the choice to be busy, and what it looks like to have the proper order.

Today you can start by pausing and prioritizing the time you are blessed to have. Think of the foundational things you need. Understand the importance of putting your faith, family, joy and rest above your social media, work, or any other urgent tasks that distract you from having balance. Choose to control the fullness of your life by stabilizing your foundation. 

Let me remind you to enjoy the here and now – you never get it back again. Stay balanced, not busy.

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