Key: Positivity – Action

Positive Action

By: Jessica Manuel

Would it be possible to eradicate negativity from society? Breaking this chain is not hard, its a personal choice. We learn from our environments and mirror behaviour, we grow up learning from our parents before we build our own perceptions, then we follow our own path and are responsible for our own actions.

A negative demeanour places a burden on yourself and others, it can be a result of a broken past, a fear of vulnerability or a sense of entitlement.

Sometimes we don’t understand the negativity we create and how it makes people around us uncomfortable, but on the other hand we don’t know how positive action can have a profound impact on society. When someone grows up in an environment that is steeped in negativity, their actions will no doubt be a reflection of that negative upbringing. If their environment is one of positivity, then their actions will exude positivity.

By no means am I suggesting that there is a correlation between growing up in a negative environment and making bad choices as we all are responsible to bear the weight of our own actions, for as humans we can choose how we react to situations because we can control how we react to our emotions. What I am suggesting is that because we live in a broken world it is even more important to exude positivity.

I remember the first time someone opened the door for me; the first time someone offered me change when I didn’t have enough money for coffee; the first time someone sacrificed their seat so I could sit. I remember someone who listened intently for the first time, showed loyalty in a friendship and did not judge me but accepted me for who I was.

The important thing to realize is that it’s not their actions that changed the way I treated others, it was the feeling their actions gave me that impacted my outlook on life. In retrospect, I wanted other people to feel that same way. So if I can overcome my past and not allow it to dictate my actions, then anyone who is of sound mind can do the same. It’s not up to anyone else but you.

We can eradicate negativity by teaching others what it feels like to receive kindness and encouraging them to give the same feeling to others.

Last week I wrote on positive words and how they can bring light into the darkest of circumstances. This article is an extension of that because positive words are EMPTY if they are not followed up with ACTION; meaning a positive person not only says nice things, they DO nice things.

Positive actions can be something simple like having an inviting and welcoming presence, simple gestures that show respect, a smile or even an acknowledging nod. Further still, positive action transcends simple gestures, it is the act of serving others and helping the destitute or the marginalized.

If I asked you to think of one positive person, it probably wouldn’t take you long to think of them. They usually carry a genuine and sincere heart, they always speak into your situation with hope and encouragement or you just simply enjoy their company. Do you want others to think of you that way? The choice is yours.

Kindness breeds kindness because it creates a “pay-it-forward” mentality; but it starts with you.

Don’t just say it – DO IT!

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