Action: BTC of Perception

  • If you don’t want to be around people or feel like putting on a mask to get other peoples approval, lean into a community that you TRUST. Vulnerability is frowned upon because society paints the perception that it is a weakness. I disagree. Vulnerability is a necessity if you want to understand more of yourself. Discovering more about yourself is painful, thus vulnerability is a beautiful form of strength.

  • Let the bad people go. If someone is not encouraging you, or they are encouraging the wrong habits, do not spend time with them. Surrounding yourself with strong people may difficult or take more energy at first. If you hang around people that weigh you down, accept the consequences of that decision. 
  • Make choices that will start proving your perception to be wrong. For example: If people say that you have poor handwriting, instead of never handwriting again, make the effort to improve it. If you allow other people to dictate your capabilities the less you will try. The more you prove to YOURSELF that your handwriting is beautiful, the less you’ll hear (or be sensitive to) those comments again. Note: this applies to everything. Another note: It’s not about proving to the many who say you can’t achieve something, or proving to the few who said you could. It’s about proving it to yourself.
  • Surprise yourself. Go out and fail. Go out and fail again.  This will increase your volume of confidence and lower the voice of doubt.
  • Set boundaries and stick to them. If someone asks for help, tell them when you’re available. Do not break your boundaries for the approval of others (unless you’re getting paid). Note: it is important to walk your talk – remember that other people have boundaries too, respect them.
  • Expect more from yourself, and have the same expectations for others. This will bring better people into your life; you’ll feel better about who you are and what you have to offer others.

Jessica Manuel